About Us

    Hang Gliding Interlaken is a Family run business with a perfect safety record.  We cater to the adventure seeking traveler who wants a taste of this extreme sport in a safe environment.  We are Internationally recognized commercial Pilots, well experienced and are fully qualified through the  Swiss Hang Gliding Federation.

   We are well established and take great pleasure in sharing our passion for Hang Gliding with our passengers, of all ages and from all walks of life.

   Hang Gliding Interlaken use the most modern Hang Gliders available in the world and our custom made harnesses are comfortable, ensure the highest level of safety and you'll look Great in them too! 

Pilot / Owner:    Birdman Bernie                

     Favorite maneuver:                                        

The dive of darkness!  &                                
The Stall of Stool!                                                           


 Pilot:  Eddie the Eagle                        Minda: Ground Crew/ Driver/ 

Favorite maneuver:                             Owner/ Wife/ Mother

                                                            Favorite maneuver:  
Look mum no hands!   &                     The 6 point turn  & 
The spiral of no return!                       The Dukes of Hazard Power Slide

                                 Our Take- off  place with some fog!

                                    Happy passengers after the flight!

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